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Wulf by Kayelle Allen
Tales of the Chosen, Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
Gay Futuristic / Molten Silver
ISBN: 1-59578-282-6
Reviewed by Shannon

Wulf Gabriel may be a superstar in the Tarthian Empire, but he definitely isnít happy.  His agent is holding his contract over his head and Wulf needs to find a way out.  When he is threatened, he realizes that there is only one man that he can go to for help.  Too bad the Harbinger is the one man that poses the most danger to Wulf, but he needs LucÖ

Luc Saint-Cyr may be one of the most powerful men in the Tarthian Empire, but he definitely isnít happy.  He is known as the Harbinger and he has a secret that only a few know about.  Luc is Sempervian, one of a race of beings who live for centuries but must rely on their Chosen to guard the secret of their existenceĺhe needs WulfÖ

Wulf was raised in Lucís home and his father was Lucís Chosen before him.  Unfortunately for Wulf, Luc has never slept with one of his Chosen.  So why is he pursuing Wulf?  Misunderstandings fly between the two men and they must come to terms with everything that is holding them apart.  To make matters worse, there is someone out there with a grudge, determined to kill Luc and Wulf.  Is it possible for the Harbinger to find love with his Chosen?

I was simply blown away while reading Wulf.  The world building is incredibly strong and every minute detail comes alive through the eyes of Wulf and Luc.  I opened up Wulf, and before I knew it, it was the wee hours of the morning and I was turning to the last page.  Wulf and Luc suit each other perfectly and they are joined by a cast of fascinating secondary characters.  Lucís adoptive son, Senthys, had me in stitches and I loved McDoth in all his butler glory.  I canít wait to read more Tales of the Chosen books, if they are anything like Wulf!

Publisherís Warning: Contains graphic M/M sex, anal sex, light spanking, forced masturbation, M/M/M seduction, mild D/s play.  Oh, and bathing in champagne...


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