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Witches Curse by Myla Jackson
Wild Winter Series
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0805-7
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

For the past one hundred years, Catherine has been living under a continuous curse because of a foolish magical mistake she committed.  You see, at the stroke of midnight on every New Year’s Eve, Catherine’s spirit moves into a new unknown female body. For the entire forthcoming year Catherine shares every emotion, whether large or small, with the woman. 

One this particular New Year’s Eve, Catherine is about to leave the body of Kindra Marshall; but, before she vanishes, Catherine wants to give Kindra one last confidence booster by showing her what a joy it is to live a happy life.  So, Catherine decides to attend Kindra’s apartment complex New Year’s Eve party.  Instead of finding the man of Kindra’s dreams, Catherine ends up finding hers.  Now, Catherine is stuck in a major dilemma, should she follow her heart by taking a chance on happiness or should she just walk away?

Talk about down on his luck. Right after Christmas, Sam Cade was dumped by his girlfriend.  Sam is certainly not in the mood to be bringing in the New Year with cheer.  Nevertheless, he reluctantly agrees to attend the apartment complex New Year’s Eve party to satisfy his best friend.  Here is where he notices a sad-looking beautiful woman across the room.  Totally enchanted by her alluring charm, Sam makes his way over for an introduction.  Instant flames ignite between them and it isn’t long before they found themselves entangled in several passionate encounters.  Although the experience is out-of-this world, the cop in Sam knows that Kindra is hiding a secret.  Right before the stroke of midnight, things begin to unfold in a downward spiral, starting with Kindra running out on him.  Now, Sam must decide if Kindra is his soulmate and worth chasing after or if she is another phony like his ex-girlfriend.

I found Witches Curse to be a delightful novella to start my New Year off with a bang!  This rapid tale will take you through an emotional whirlwind.  You will endure sorrow, anger, lustfulness and happiness all in one electrifying setting.  From the onset until the spectacular finale, I was in a constant highly erotic state.  And, boy let me tell you that the passion between Sam and Catherine was hot and dangerous.  I was burning up with sizzling desire.  Although he was badly scorned in recent past, I admired Sam for showcasing noble compassion towards Kindra because he sensed a great sadness within her.  Likewise, Catherine was a unique character because of her willingness to embraces her curse.  Instead of harping on the past that landed her in her endless situation, she found a way to make the best out of it by helping each woman that she shared a life with.  Readers, Witches Curse is simply one spicy, romantic read that you shouldn’t pass up!


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