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What the Future Brings by Samantha Gentry
Silk’s Vault Publishing
Reviewed by Jo

Brie Jamison purchased the home of her dreams and remodeled it to put it back to how it was when originally built around 50 years ago.  Not long after the remodel job was done, Brie also found the man of her dreams; literally as he is a ghost of the home’s original owner and builder - Shane Gray.   Against all odds Brie and Shane have fallen in love, but their only hope to a future is for Shane to work a miracle, to regain his human form in the current time and place.  Brie believes in Shane but even she isn’t sure if her dream lover will ever be able to be her real-life lover.  Shane and Brie know that time is getting short for them because in a few days the human Shane is going to die.

I found myself involved in What the Future Brings pretty quickly.  Shane and Brie have found the love most people search for but there is an obstacle with Shane being a ghost.  His solution is to try and bring his former self into his current reality.  Brie knows that if he can manage to do this in the limited time they have, she will have to explain everything to the other Shane.  Free will and choice are all through out this story.  I loved Shane’s determination as much as I loved Brie for her strong support of his task.  After all who would not want a second chance at love at whatever the cost.  What the Future Brings is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.


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