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Wed Under Western Skies by
Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St. John and Jenna Kernan
Harlequin Historical
Western Historical Romance
ISBN 0-373-29399-2
Reviewed by Nannette

Abandoned by Carolyn Davidson

Elizabeth is traveling on a wagon train when it is suddenly attacked by Indians. The people that she is traveling with have run or been killed.  Elizabeth is knocked out during the confusion and is left for dead.  She wakes and is alone until Cameron Montgomery and his brother Joe arrive at the scene and rescue her. 

Cameron takes Elizabeth to his wagon to care for her.  Pretty soon Cameron is making his intentions for Elizabeth known but how can they have a future together when she doesn't even remember her last name or if there is a husband waiting for her? 

In Abandoned, Cameron's quick claim on Elizabeth seems natural and romantic while Elizabeth's initial reluctance is understandable.  Abandoned is a charming story where with faith, Cameron's and Elizabeth's strife is changed to love.


Almost A Bride by Cheryl St. John

Charmaine Renlow is the only unmarried woman her age in town and her beau, Wayne Brookover, doesn't seem very inclined to ask for her hand.

Jack Easton is working with Charmaine on building a float for the town's Founder's Day celebration.  Jack feels he is an outsider to Charmaine's high society ways. He doesn't fit in, nor does he want to.

Charmaine and Jack find themselves drawn to each other though and Jack ends up teaching Charmaine a lesson that changes her life for the better.

Charmaine and Jack are wonderful together.  I was so happy with the way things worked out for them.  Charmaine is a good woman, and Jack is a good man and father. Almost A Bride is a fine story with several likeable characters in it.


His Brother's Bride by Jenna Kernan

Nathaniel Justice's brother Jacob has died, leaving him the task of honoring his request to marry his wife Clara.  This request requires him to care for Clara's daughter Katherine as well. 

When they first meet, Clara is very nervous and unsure of what kind of man Nate is, and Nate is drunk.  He's not sure he is a good enough man to care for a fine woman like Clara.  After all, he is a saloon owner with a troubled past, but Clara has secrets of her own.  Soon, Nate and Clara discover that they need each other to put their pasts behind them for good.

His Brother's Wife has a stirring storyline.  Clara's plight and Nate's feelings of inadequacy kept me eagerly turning the pages. Their passionate and heartfelt emotions are very moving.  I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to reading more from Jenna Kernan.


Wed Under Western Skies contains a trio of romantic stories.  Abandoned, Almost a Bride, and His Brother's Wife are stories to warm your heart and stir your emotions. The western backdrop and interesting characters in Wed Under Western Skies, make these quaint stories a pleasure to read.  


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