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Cover for Over the Line - June 2006 - The Bodyguards

Under the Wire (The Bodyguards, Book 5) by Cindy Gerard
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0-3120-98104-X
Reviewed by Cheryl

Exiled from his family and country, Manny Ortega has lived many years with a bitter truth; the woman he loved betrayed him.  At least that is what he has believed for the past seventeen years.  There is no other explanation.

American nurse Lily Campora never expected to find love on a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua, especially not with Manny, a much younger soldier.  Quickly, however, their brief affair evolved from a search for solace into something much more powerful and real.  Then, just as unexpectedly, Manny disappears.  After being called away from their bed in the middle of the night on a medical emergency, Lily returns to find him gone.  She is told that Manny has died.  With nothing left for her in Nicaragua, Lily returns home and tries to move on with her life.

Seventeen years later Lily is shocked to discover that Manny is very much alive and living in the States.  Little does she know that he holds her responsible for his misfortunes.  The hardened US Special Forces soldier turned police detective is not the young man Lily once knew.  Before she can reconnect with him, however, tragedy strikes, and Manny is the only person that can help.  Although he still blames her, Manny is unable to refuse Lily's plea.  With the help of Manny's friends, the bodyguards of E.D.E.N, they speed off around the world.  Plunged into a mission fraught with danger and political intrigue, the pair must find a way to succeed.  Still drawn to Lily, can Manny find a path to forgiveness?

Filled with lush passion and edge of your seat action, Under the Wire is a solid addition to the Bodyguard series.  Lily and Manny are intriguing and heat up the story with their desire.  At first I did have problems buying Manny's openness with Lily after knowing her for such a short time, but he was young, and the pair did have a bond.  Once I got past my initial questions, watching their relationship evolve was a sensual feast.  Then the contrast of their present day relationship made for a compelling, riveting read.  Add in the realistic, yet extraordinary adventure, and it's clear why I fell in love with Cindy Gerard's Bodyguards!

I must confess that after reading To the Brink, the third Bodyguards book, which I can't recommend enough, I was a bit impatient for the tale of Dallas, the last Garret brother.  However, Under the Wire is a wonderful thriller, and with further revelations about Dallas, I am positively dying for Into the Dark!  How long until May?


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