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Tunnel of Love by Willa Okati
The Brotherhood, Book 9
Loose Id
Gay Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-295-0
Reviewed by Shannon

Christian isnít like the others in the Brotherhood; his secrets are deep, dark and humiliating.  When Liam finds out that he has been moonlighting as a drag queen at the Pleasure Palaceĺnot to mention when he discovers his other way of making money, Christian doesnít know what to do. He needs the money, and heíll do anything for it. He canít give that up, no matter what Liam says.

He decides to go to Amour Magique with the others, determined to forget everything for just one night.

Things donít go as expected when a pale geeky-looking man that he saw at the Pleasure Palace approaches him at Amour Magique.  He canít afford to have anyone know about his secret.  When things go badly, Christian decides to go home with Ewan.  He doesnít expect to fall for the man.  With Ewan knowing all of Christianís secrets, how will Christian react when he finds out what Ewan is hiding?

I have been looking forward to reading Christianís story for quite a while, and Tunnel of Love surpasses every one of my expectations.  Christianís pain and panic are heartbreaking, and I felt every one of his insecurities.  Ewan is the perfect man to make Christian drop his mask and be himself.  With every story in the Brotherhood series, I fall more and more in love with these men.  I canít wait to see where Willa Okati takes this next!


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