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Treading Dangerous Ground - Click for large version

Treading Dangerous Ground by Deirdre O'Dare
Amber Quill Press
Gay / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure
ISBN: 1-59279-621-4
ISBN: 978-1-59279-621-2
Reviewed by Klarissa

Jayce, a captain in the Uni-fleet, has been sent home from war on Kalibassi for some R and R.  Images of one of his cadets hang heavy in his mind.  The young soldier ignited a warmth inside him and he couldn’t get that moment on Kalibassi when he held Balt out of his mind.  Unexpectantly, Balt shows up at Jayce’s place and the ache inside Jayce grows.

When Jayce receives bad news regarding his next orders, Balt is there to comfort him.  Balt doesn’t want to leave so soon and not without one new memory to sustain Jayce, who doesn’t think he will return from this mission.  Will Balt and Jayce ever be able to live together and share their love openly?

Treading Dangerous Ground is one hot story of man-love.  Jayce and Balt’s forbidden love is tough to handle and I found my heart aching for these two.  The emotion, the dialogue, the intense sexual tension is packed tightly in this quick read.  Ms. O’Dare is a magical storyteller that knows how to bring characters to life.


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