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Thief Of Hearts - Click for large version

Thief of Hearts by Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press
Erotic Historical
ISBN: 1-59279-541-2
Reviewed by Georgia

Although promised to marry Rafael Ortega since they were very young children, Pilar Duran does not look forward to being reunited with the boy she knew.  The two years of their separation could not have brought much of a change to the somewhat bullying boy. 

Yet, that is exactly what has happened.  Rafael is commanding, more mature and sexier than she could have ever imagined. 

Rafael realized just before Pilar was sent away, for her safety, that she was the perfect woman for him.  Their two years apart felt like forever but now that she is back, he will do everything in his power to make her realize just how special she is to him.  His only fear is her reaction to his secret.

Caitlyn Willows always manages to capture my attention.  Thief of Hearts is an enjoyable read with intense feelings from the characters.  Pilar dreaded her reunion with the boy who used to drive her crazy but once she sees him again, she realizes that Rafael still drives her crazy… only in a different way now! Even while they are on constant watch for a local thief on the way to their families’ rancheros, they somehow manage to get to know each other.  The sexual tension mounts quickly but it is the development of their feelings for each other that really makes Thief of Hearts interesting.  Caitlyn Willows fans will not be disappointed and neither will anyone looking for a quick, hot read.


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