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The Wrong Mr. Wright by Peggy Hunter
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59374-792-6
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Lily Saunders quietly opens the door to her friendís hotel room.  She and her friend desperately want a child and since Lily is unmarried and her friend is gay, they hatch a plan to become parents together.  Lily urges her friend to keep the room dark so that their making love might be less stressful.  Slipping into bed, Lily begins her seduction and it isnít until later, after having the best sex of her life, that she realizes she was in the wrong room.

Daniel Wright has been thinking about and searching for clues as to the mystery woman who came to his room and made love to him so sweetly.  When he overhears his secretary and his cousin, Daniel becomes irate.  Evidently Lily is trying to get pregnant with his baby in order to get money from him!  Well, she has another think coming is she thinks she is going to get away with it Daniel assures himself.  Now, he has his own plan and it involves Lily naked.

I loved the premise of The Wrong Mr. Wright.  I thought the plot ingenious and actually found myself wincing at Lilyís mistake.  Daniel, though, I have to say made me angry at first but once I could see where he was coming from, I would have thought as he did.  Lilyís mortification at her predicament got me tickled but I also found her surrender to Daniel very sensual and downright sexy.

I enjoyed The Wrong Mr. Wright very much.  Peggy Hunter should be proud of this one. It is just that good of a read.


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