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The Wilder Brother by Suz deMello
Liquid Silver Books
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59578-278-8
Reviewed by Georgia

When her twin sister talked her into switching places to discover if her boyfriend could tell them apart, and made a bet on the outcome, Dana Newcombe knew it wouldn’t end well.  Although Max might seem a little boring to her supermodel sister, she liked him and his responsible ways.  Yet it’s his sexy, younger brother who makes boring scientist Dana sit up and take notice. That’s the only reason Dana acts like her supermodel twin when Colt comes knocking on the door.

Of course Max doesn’t realize Nicole is acting like Dana, which thankfully gives her an excuse to end the relationship.  Strangely enough, Colt did.  What’s even more surprising, Nicole and Max hit it off and now a year later, they invite both Dana and Colt to the wedding.  Although reluctant to face her sister and her ex-boyfriend, Dana really wants to avoid Colt, especially considering he never contacted her after their out-of-control sexual encounter in an elevator that fateful night.  Can Dana survive one week of wedding revelry with the only man who’s ever rocked her world?

The Wilder Brother is a strange tale of a dysfunctional family if there ever was one!  Dana and Nicole are identical twins, yet neither seems to feel any real affection for the other, instead they compete against and tolerate each other.  When it’s time for the wedding, we also meet their equally strange mother, the absent minded father, and the seemingly normal older sister…if you discount her neurotic toddler.  As for the Wilders, these brothers seem better adjusted, yet Colt doesn’t seem to see a problem with sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend and Max doesn’t seem to mind that his new fiancée’s feelings are rather lukewarm.  Having said that, this story is strangely compelling, perhaps because it is so true to life.  Everyone’s feelings are all over the place which makes for an interesting wedding.  The chemistry between Dana and Colt makes it difficult for them to stay away from each other and once they finally get a chance to explore those feelings, they come to realize there may be more than just lust between them.  Sit back and enjoy The Wilder Brother.


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