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The Soul Jar by Jennifer Colgan
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-921-8
Reviewed by Klarissa

Bree set out to steal the Soul Jar from Ming Xoa's Chen's Curoisity Shop.  That was her goal.  This would be her final mission and then she could finally move on with her life.  But as she sits waiting for the other intruder to leave, she realizes when he speaks that he isn't just a random person, but one from her past.  One she thought was dead along with their relationship.

Chance Mackenzie is shocked when the one woman he'd never thought to see again shows up trying to steal the exact same object he's after.  He had loved Bree deeply, but he had to betray her in order to keep her alive.  The pain of leaving her behind was enormous, but one he had to endure to keep her safe.  But after one look and a few moments together inside the shop he begins to wonder if maybe they can work together once again to reach both of their goals and stay alive.

With the history of the soul jar, Bree and Chance almost have divine intervention in their relationship.  You just know these two were meant to find each other again.  The Soul Jar is an excellent story of fate and one's destiny.  Even though these two were torn apart their love pulled them back together.  It just took one moment and one assignment for their lives to cross again.  The words, the plot, the characters are all magical and will keep you wanting more from Bree and Chance.  I especially enjoyed the ending as everything neatly fell into place.  Great job Ms. Colgan.  When you visit New Concepts Publishing donít forget your copy of The Soul Jar.


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