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The Salt of the… Earth? By Willa Okati
The Brotherhood, Book 10
Loose Id
LGBT Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-374-2
Reviewed by Shannon

Alex has come to Amour Magique with the rest of the Brotherhood.  The valet and former escort knows there is something different about the club; he was brought up on enough Irish legends to recognize a touch of magic when he sees it.  When he is told to go in a particular direction, he wanders into a bar and meets a man he wants…now.

Dylan is a bartender at Amour Magique, and Alex definitely has something he wants Dylan to ‘tend’ to. Alex likes to play, and Dylan is up to the task of giving him the night that he wants.  But when things start to get serious, Alex will need to make a choice.  Can Alex find trust and love with his selkie?

The Salt of the… Earth? is a mouth-watering feast ¾ the sex is intense and varied, the characters are interesting and the romance is interwoven throughout.  Alex hides behind his flirting and his carefree mask, and Dylan is able to look past that to find the real man.  I loved Alex, he might just be my favorite brother now, and Dylan was the perfect compliment for him.  The Salt of the… Earth? is a wonderful addition to The Brotherhood series.  There were enough hints about Liam and the remaining brothers to make me salivate to get the next book.


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