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The Michaelangelo Blues by J. Morgan
Triskelion Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-933874-85-6
Reviewed by Kathy Andrico

Janis Stockwell was not happy.  As a lawyer, she was thrilled to have been accepted as partner.  As a woman, she was less than thrilled to learn she was about to have her portrait painted by Michael Dumont, a womanizer and one-time high school heartthrob.

Michael needed this commission.  He had given up everything to follow his dream of becoming an artist and was close to learning first hand what being a starving artist truly meant.  Only working part-time as a deputy sheriff is he able to make ends somewhat meet.

Having gotten off to a bad start with Janis, Michael decides to go to her home to make amends.  While he is there, a criminal Janis had once prosecuted targets her.  Now Michael is the one person she can turn to for help. 

The Michealangelo Blues is a romance about two people trying to overcome their pasts.  Janis is a woman Michael knows any man would be lucky to have.  At the same time, he is somebody who once had it all.  He had been the hero in all the high school girls’ eyes¾Janis included.  Now everybody thinks he has thrown everything away.  I enjoyed this story, especially how the romance was the primary focus and was not lost in the suspense.  I would be interested in checking out other books by J. Morgan.


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