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The Mail Order Bride by Diana Bold
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Western Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-60088-075-9
Reviewed by Nannette

Sarah Montgomery showed up on Luke Chandler's doorstep expecting to see the man who wrote her lovely letters for months.  Instead a hung over, disheveled Luke informs her that he has no idea that she is or what she is talking about.

Luke was disabled in the war and has become an angry loner, so his brother Matt apparently sent him a bride.

Sarah has no place to go, but after a night spent in Luke's inhospitable company she sets off on her own.  Sarah is struggling and Luke feels guilty, so he comes for her.  Now that he has her back, Luke's not sure what to do with her.

The Mail Order Bride is a very sensual and romantic story.  Luke is sexy and rugged while Sarah is a lady full of passion.  Together they make a loving and passionate couple.  The Mail Order Bride is a story full of sizzling sex and tender emotions. 


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