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The Lure of Passion by Eryn Blackwell

The Lure of Passion by Eryn Blackwell
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-256-0
Reviewed by Georgia

As a Rusalki, or powerful Russian forest sprite, Zoya knows she is in danger from the Volk.  Yet she risks their capture and certain death to go to the sacred pools and divine her future.  She has to know if she should allow her heart to open to the medved shifter who is defending her and her family.

Luka is infuriated when he discovers Zoya has eluded her guards and run to the forest.  He knows she is his mate but he will have to find and protect her before the Volk attacks if they are to have any kind of future together.

The Lure of Passion is a quick, hot tale that is perfect to get your imagination flowing.  The characters and the imagery of the forest and the paranormal beings will draw you in but itís the scorching hot scenes that will keep you there.  Zoya and Luka are two strong-willed characters that fight and love with equal intensity.  Look no further than The Lure of Passion if you want a short yet engaging tale that satisfies.


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