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The Devilís Proposal by Jodici Belle
New Concepts Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-926-9
Reviewed by Klarissa


On a night when the Devilís Trio are bored to tears, Anterton proposes a little bet with Ransom, while the third man Carlyle listens on in disagreement.  Looking for a little sport, Ransom, the Earl of Leahaven, accepts Antertonís bet.  He must get a marriage acceptance from the plump daughter of the Marquis of Samford. 

Ransom believes it will be easy because not many can resist his charms, but when he continually meets up with Lady Winifred he finds the bet in bad taste and wants Winifred for real.  Unfortunately, with his money next to null, Ransomís friend Anterton talks him out of eloping with Winifred and he leaves her heartbroken.  Leaving Winifred behind turns out to be worse thing Ransom could have done.  Will he ever be able to win her back?

Winifred has lived five years after her horrible botched elopement with the Earl of Leahaven.  The pain of Ransom leaving her is now a dull ache.  Then Ransom makes his reemergence back into society and once again Winifred feels old emotions surface.  How can she ever get over the past?

The Devilís Proposal by Jodici Belle had many elements of a great story!  The emotion created by Ransom and Winifred felt raw and real.  There is suspense that will grip you along with the great plot line that flows smoothly.  After reading The Devilís Proposal Ransom and Winifred really fit their personalities bringing everything around them to life.  This historical romance really fit the bill and I loved every swoop, dance, and kiss Jodici Belle delivered.  Great Job!


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