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The Completeness of Celia Flynn by Sedonia Guillone
Loose Id
Nontraditional Historical
ISBN: 978-1-59632-337-7
Reviewed by Klarissa

As a young woman, Celia has just realized that her three best friends Robert, Patrick and Freddie are starting to see her as more than just a friend.  As the boys begin to explore Celia’s young body, she’s quickly reminded by her mother’s words how wrong it is to be around her three best friends all the time.  Celia begins to push them all away.  She cuts herself off from her friends not wanting to be put in the position of having to choose.  She loves them all.

As the boys go away to war, Celia realizes how wrong she was to push them away and now she must wait and hope for each one to return from the war.  Celia will not let them go again.

The Completeness of Celia Flynn is a touching story.  You can feel the love this young woman develops for her three friends.  Your heartstrings will be pulled when Celia pushes them away as she listens to her mother’s words and not to her heart.  I found myself completely engrossed in The Completeness of Celia Flynn!  Ms. Guillone weaves a magical tale as these four individuals make their way to back to each other.  The sex is hot and the emotions run high.  You’ll really love The Completeness of Celia Flynn.


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