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The Captive One by Melinda Barron
Tales of the Magician, Book One
Loose Id
BDSM, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-355-1
Reviewed by Georgia

Working with Noble Walters is a bittersweet torment for Egyptian archaeologist Julia Rafferty.  She has wanted him for months but the one time that insecure Julia finally agreed to go out with him, Noble stood her up.  Now she uses every trick in the book to try and disguise her hurt and want.

Although thrilled by his unexpected discovery, what Noble really wants is Julia.  If he can just get her to let go of the hate she seems to have for him, he knows she’ll see just how perfect they are for each other.

When Julia sneaks into the house of an evil magician, Penab-Ra, she finds something unexpected.  In order to help free the spirit of Nebetta, a sexual concubine, Julia must enlist Noble’s aid and in turn his sexy best friend Derrick Mathers to decipher the binding spell which holds her captive.  Will Nebetta’s sexual expertise and Noble’s fierce passion give Julia the confidence to face the fears holding her captive?

The Captive One is a lush story that will hold you spellbound.  Julia wants Noble but also initially thinks he’s a jerk.  She fights her feelings and desires until Noble finally makes her see that he is the perfect man for her while she is the perfect woman for him.  The sexual escapades are frequent and varied and the addition of Nebetta and her matter-of-fact sexual advice really kept my attention.  The Captive One is fast paced and still manages to truly develop several secondary characters, drawing a perfect scenario for future books.  I for one can’t wait for more.


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