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The Bite Before Christmas by Laura Baumbach, Sedonia Guillone and Kit Tunstall
Loose Id
Erotic Gay Paranormal
ISBN 978-1-59632-372-8
Reviewed by Nannette

Sin and Salvation by Laura Baumbach

Ian Flynn met Trevor Sheffield centuries ago in England.  They became lovers, but when Trevor is fatally wounded in a fight Ian has to choose, either turn Trevor into a vampire or lose him forever.

The battle between Trevorís need for revenge and his desire to just love, wages in him constantly until he finally realizes what matters most.   

Sin and Salvation is an engaging story. Trevor and Ian are loving passionate men.  I enjoyed reading about their past, present and future together.


A Vampire For Christmas by Sedonia Guillone

Jesse Harmon is an immortal.  He has to kill Christian St. Cyr, a vampire.  Jesse swore to never kill a Coeur Eternel vampire because they are inherently good, but in order to save his sister Hannah he has no choice. 

Shortly after meeting and saving Jesse, Chris realizes that Jesse is his mate, but soon after that, he discovers that Jesse is there to kill him.  

A Vampire For Christmas has a very intriguing story line. The hunted and the hunter falling for each other is a sweet temptation that proves too hard to resist., I was eager to see how the story would end for these two handsome, brave and loving men. 


The Masterís Gift by Kit Tunstall

Chris Hanna has just agreed to be the assistant for vampire Hugh Klein.  Hugh being a vampire is not as unsettling to Chris as the duties he will need to perform for him. 

Soon after staying with Hugh, Chris finds himself falling for the vampire and it appears that Hugh feels the same, but Chris is also on love with a girl named Vanessa.  Chris will have to choose between his two loves. Or will he?

I had some mixed emotions while reading The Masterís Gift.  I'm not confident about the commitment in each partner.  This is an interesting story with a lot of deep passion, but it left me feeling a little void where the happily ever after is concerned.


The Bite Before Christmas combines erotic and mysterious vampires and unique storylines to create three entertaining stories.  I have a few reservations about the last story but over all they are each well-written and enjoyable to read.


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