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Ten Ways to Melt a Man's Heart by Phyllis Campbell
Champagne Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 189726101
Reviewed by Gracie

Charley Randall is a dangerous woman—or at least her ex-boyfriends think so.  She has decided to take a break from men until she reads an article about the ten ways to a man’s heart.  Charley works as a research producer for a local news station and she is surprised when the station’s new sports anchor, Maxwell Harrington, is her high school crush.  Charley decides to make Max the target of her ‘research’ on how to win a man and keep him.

Damien Giovanni, Charley’s next door neighbor, has been interested in Charley but she has turned him down.  Damien and Charley are brought together one evening by circumstances beyond their control and Charley sees Damien in a new light.  She decides to enlist his help in her plan to get Max and unbelievably Damien agrees to help.

As Damien and Charley work towards capturing Max’s heart, things seem to be heating up between Charley and Damien.  Charley tries to convince herself that it is Max she wants not Damien.  Damien knows he wants Charley, but he has some issues from his past that he needs to work through and put behind him.  Will Charley and Damien finish all the steps required to melt a heart and whose heart will be won?

Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart was a lot of fun to read!  Charley is a practical woman who just wants to find the one man who she can be herself with and not actually do him bodily harm.  Damien is a smart, sexy businessman who does not usually commit his heart, but there is something about Charley that he cannot resist.  Phyllis Campbell has characters that are real and absolutely enjoyable.  I was rooting for Damien and Charley from the start.  Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart is delightful, funny, sweet, and absolutely YUMMY!!


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