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Take it Off by Tina Gerow
Triskelion Publishing
Erotic, Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60186-050-1
Reviewer: Georgia

After receiving a call from her mother asking for help and reluctantly agreeing, Samantha decides to live it up with her friends that evening.  She meets a gorgeous stranger and they have a passionate and virtually anonymous encounter.  The next morning Samantha packs up and heads out to help her mother by acting as the madame of her bordello.  Who should show up but her hunk from the evening before!  Of course he gets the wrong impression and when he acts judgmental, Samantha decides she’ll have to teach him a little lesson.

Chance can hardly believe his eyes when he sees the woman from his mind blowing one-night-stand in the bordello where he takes his best friend for his bachelor party.  Not only that, she’s the madame!  Confused and a little angry, he asks Samantha if she’s available and gets more than he bargained for.

Whew! This is one hot story.  Take it Off is an intense yet enjoyable tale of impulsiveness and sizzling sex.  Samantha and Chance act on their feelings of attraction and have an incredible evening together.  Yet when they next meet, neither is sure where they stand and lash out at each other with hurt feelings.  Their powerful feelings and the unusual circumstance make for an interesting turn of events that will leave you wishing for more.


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