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Stranger in My Stocking by Cheyenne McCray
Wild Winter Series
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Quickie/Christmas/Light Bondage/Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0808-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Trapped in NYC because of a blizzard, Alyson Charmaine can’t help but notice the gorgeous man signing in at the desk of her hotel.  Thinking to herself that she would love to have him naked in her hotel room, she looks up again and he is gone.  Sighing, Alyson goes to her room where she is in for a big surprise.

Greg Ellington noticed the woman checking him out as he signed in, but with the process of getting a room, he pushes her from his mind and goes about his business.  That is, until the woman from the hotel lounge catches him naked in his hotel room and insists that his room is actually her room.  Greg can’t help but notice her mode of dress as well as her selection of Christmas toys.  Luck is on his side because the power goes out and the beautiful blonde is suddenly in his arms.

I love Cheyenne McCray’s ‘stranger’ stories.   Fully expecting Stranger in My Stocking to flow along the lines of previous books without being redundant, I was pleasantly surprised to find just how naughty Ms. McCray can make her characters and how realistic she can make each scenario work.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stranger in My Stocking but then again, I have yet to read a Cheyenne McCray novel that I haven’t liked. 


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