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Stacking the Deck by Sara Dennis
Vegas Magic
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-055-1
Reviewed by Kathy Andrico

Samantha had gone with her two best friends to the party for a good time.  She never anticipated finding the man of her dreams, or that he would be a powerful warlock who was ignorant of his powers.  Sam just hoped that Alec was a quick study because she was going to have to teach him how to control his powersthat night.

Alec wasn’t sure what to make of the sexy woman claiming he was a warlock.  There weren’t such things as warlocks…or werewolves, although one person at the party sure had a great costume.  There were undercurrents swirling among the attendees and somehow, he and Sam were now in the middle.  Alec had to decide if he could trust a woman he had just met, believe her words of magic, and help save the city from a rogue werewolf.

Vegas Magic includes three stories for three friends with each story written by a different author.  They appear to all center around the one night at the party, so I don’t believe they need to be read in any particular order.  However, having only read Stacking the Deck, this story felt as if it was incomplete and I actually was surprised that the story was over when it was.  Perhaps it is because the three stories are concurrent, not consecutive.  Still, I found the variety of characters intriguing and enjoyed the unique manifestation of Alec’s powers. 


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