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Spellfire Commemorative Digest Reader’s Choice by Leigh Ellwood, Mae Powers, Leanne Strange, Jewel Adams, and Bridghid Parkinson
Erotic-ahh Digest Vol 06-24
Midnight Showcase
Contemporary / Fantasy / Erotic Anthology
ISBN: 1555-5496
Reviewed by Jo

Welcome to Spellfire, Texas by Mae Powers

This is not a story but rather an introduction to the town and residents of Spellfire, Texas.  It introduces not only some central characters but also some central businesses and what makes them run.  It is a great start into the stories for anyone whether they have read any of the other Spellfire, Texas novels or not.

Welcome to Spellfire from Electra Spellfire by Mae Powers

Again this is not a story but rather a dialog from the owner of Sinful Sundaes Ice Cream Shop and one of the most powerful residents of Spellfire.  Electra is speculating idly about several of the people in her ice cream shop and about several things that have happened around town both recently and in the past.  I found it great to “listen” into the thoughts of one of the residents that are so central in the happenings around town.  It is also a wonderful slide in to the first of the reader’s choice stories.


Fairies & Cherries by Leigh Ellwood (from the Sinful Sundaes digest)

Jewlie drives a delivery truck for Fairy Belle Ice Cream.  Not only is she forced to wear a “fairy” costume no one would ever want to be seen in, but she always seems to be given the route that includes Sinful Sundaes in Spellfire.  Jewlie really does not like going into Spellfire because of the general feelings that she gets and tries to make the trip and delivery as quickly as possible.  She can already see this is not going to be one of those times because it appears that someone is determined to stop her delivery.  Kor is a fae and the brother of the real Fairy Belle.  He is determined to not only delay Jewlie but to stop her deliveries permanently.  Kor has several demands that he wants met by the owners of Fairy Belle Ice Cream and he believes that using Jewlie will get their attention.  Discussions between both Kor and the owners go well but not as well as between Kor and Jewlie.  By the end of the afternoon, Kor gives Jewlie an offer she would be insane not to accept.

Fairies & Cherries is one sexy story of business discussions and compromise.  Jewlie doesn’t believe in fairies until she is face to face with Kor and even then it takes seeing it for her to believe.  Kor has a unique method; making his demands that to Jewlie makes total sense to agree on.  I have to admit that by the end of the story I would have done the same as Jewlie.  Who could say no to her benefits package?  Fairies & Cherries is a great beginning to this digest of magic.


A Statue For All Seasons by Mae Powers (from Spellfire Seasons digest)

Geovani Leone McMillan (Geo) was cursed by Frightful Frieda to be an aroused, naked statue many years ago, except for one 24-hour period - midnight on Christmas Eve til midnight on Christmas Day.  Although he is not always awake enough the rest of the year to know what is happening to his body, he does know he hates the Christmas decorations that appear on his various appendages.   Geo only knows part of the way his curse can be broken - by having sex in a public place with a willing woman.   Geo knows he is probably doomed to be a statue until and/or if Frightful Frieda decides to break her own curse.  Lillia West is the town librarian and has learned tonight that she has finally lost her job to Frightful Frieda during the annual holiday party.  Lillia takes this news by doing two things she never does - the first is getting extremely drunk at the party and the second is going to Geo’s statue in the city square, getting naked and having sex with the stone statue.  Geo becomes fully human just in time to catch Lillia as she passes out.  The next day Geo and Lillia discuss the curse and wonder if they can actually fully break Frieda’s curse.  If they ever want to be able to explore the feelings between them they have 24 hours to figure it out.

A Statue For All Seasons shows the determination that two strongly motivated people can have when focused on a specific problem.  Geo and Lillia have less than 24 hours to not only figure out how to break a curse but they have to avoid Frieda and those few friends that she has while doing it.  For Geo and Lillia, what starts out as just trying to right an unjust wrong quickly turns into a fierce hope for the future they want together.  I was very happy to read how Geo and Lillia came together as I had met them in another story and instantly knew they had a special story and was proved correct in that theory.  I have always felt that the holiday season was magical anyway and this story just further proves to me that the magic of love can only be further enhanced with the magic of the holidays. 


Drifting Desires by Leanne Strange (from the Spellfire Hearts digest)

Harpy Collins is a head waitress and night manager at Sinful Sundaes and she is also a harpy that cannot fly.  This is because she is only half harpy and half human.  One of Harpy’s greatest dreams is to be able to fly and feel the wind in her wings.  Her other great dream was the love she had for Derek Spellfire.  That she gave up because of a misunderstood happening while they were in high school many years ago.  Derek Spellfire is a wind elemental sorcerer who lost his body due to a youthful prank with a friend in high school.  Now just a rushing wind Derek has come to terms with losing his physical form, but he can’t come to terms about Harpy leaving him without explanation.  Derek thinks the reason is because Harpy doesn’t believe he can love her without his body.  He has come up with a way to prove her wrong.  Harpy learned just a bit ago that she was wrong about what she thought happened with Derek, but can’t bring herself to admit it to him.  Derek tricks Harpy in to agreeing to meet him at the annual Valentine Day Picnic with a promise to try and help her learn how to fly.   What actually happens that day is more than either of them would have believed possible. 

Drifting Desires has several underlying currents going on at the same time.  I fell quickly for both Harpy and Derek while watching them try and fix what interrupted their love.  Misunderstandings, pride and secrets had to be overcome before they could come together and fulfill their destinies with each other.  Drifting Desires is the best type of love stories as it gives you two happily ever afters instead of just one.  No I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to read the story, which I think everyone should do anyway.


Moonshyne by Jewel Adams (previously posted review I did for the Spellfire Moons digest)

Moonshyne Holiday (Shyne), is the only moonbeam fairy in Spellfire, Texas, and she just might be the only one left at all.  Moonbeam faeries have been kidnapped and killed because of one of their gifts that otherswant.  Other faeries tend to leave Shyne alone because of the type of magic she can do and this leaves her very lonely most days.  Shyne moved recently to Spellfire to help an old friend and employer by working at his new place.  Magical beings are all over in Spellfire, but there is one person she would love to meet formally, a beast she ran with under the moonlight just after her arrival. Sheriff Malachi Spellfire, a shape-shifting demvir, has been watching Shyne since that first night.  He has only watched her from afar up until now, because she is a fairy and he is worried about rejection.  When they do meet finally, their attraction is immediate and passionate.  Just when both Shyne and Malachi are settling into a steady relationship, Shyne disappears.  Now Malachi needs to use all his skills to save her.

Moonshyne tells the tale of what it is like to be the only one of your species and having to make your way through life.  Shyne has never known of any other moonbeam faeries besides her parents, and they disappeared many years ago.  The passion she feels for Malachi in both his shapes is only matched by his passion for her.  Because of this, their differences just don’t seem to matter that much to them or to other loved ones around them.  I fell for both these characters and kept turning the pages just to see where their story would lead, laughing and cheering the entire way, especially when Shyne has her revenge.  Moonshyne takes you into the small town of Spellfire, Texas, lets you meet several of the residents, and holds you there so you just have to keep going.  Ms. Adams wrote an outstanding, sensual story that is already a favorite for me.  Yes, I still love these characters and their story.


Grolim by Bridghid Parkinson (New)

Terri Torarcane is a dispatcher with the Spellfire Sheriff’s Department during the nightshift.  She works that shift because Terri is the only one that can connect with the Grollim; long time residents of Spellfire known as Shadow People who protect the Labyrinthine Institution, an abandoned hospital.  One night during her shift, Merratodiz (Diz), a grollim known to Terri, notified her of a broken down car with a couple of teenagers in it by the hospital.  Terri thanks him and gets right on it by sending a deputy to the couple  that is in the area.  The lost kids are suspicious when the deputy shows up but he truthfully tells them that the grollim notified the dispatcher.  For Terri it is all in a day’s work and she finishes her shift.  Diz goes back to his protection patrols and waits for the day Terri can walk in the shadows and he can show her what he feels.  All the while keeping a watch on bad magic that resides unseen and unknown by the residents of Spellfire.

Nymph Gardens and Elfen Moons by Jewel Adams (New)

Dan Whistler is a single father trying to manage a farm that just won’t seem to grow anything.  His daughter, Amanda, is mute and he is very protective of her.  Dan goes into Spellfire hoping to hire Bess, the owner of Nymph’s Nursery to come out to his farm and figure out the problem.  Bess Green can see and understand more than most as a nymph.  She immediately understands that Amanda isn’t mute but is of mixed blood and just hasn’t been trained to display her voice yet.  Bess agrees to come out to the farm to identify the problem. Bess and Dan are greatly attracted to each other and the flames burn fast and hot.  Dan has been hiding a great secret that he must open up and face in order to help his daughter, his farm and most importantly Bess in defeating the evil that has invaded the area.  A terrible misunderstanding separates Dan and Bess just as they need each other’s strength for the coming battles.

Shadows & Darkness by Mae Powers

A dark presence has been hiding and growing beneath Spellfire from when time began.  He has no real form but he has been learning from all he hears and sees while there.  Slowly he had formed a conscious but he still can’t leave until he finds her - the one that can complete him.  While some know of him, not all do; those that do have described him as evil and others as a god.  All he knows is that he has to wait.  

Maejika Maelstromm has agreed to take Sianna Connelly on a side-view journey with a timescope.  Both Maejika and Sianna have questions that they need answered about the beginnings of Spellfire.  Maejika needs to know to help herself and those she cares about, while Sianna is trying to fill in some holes for the Dead Librarians Society in hopes that she can join them soon.  What Maejika and Sianna don’t know is that another is going with them to find out the secrets for her own uses.   What should have been an adventure turns into a dangerous adventure as they almost confront something dark and only the help of a dear friend can get them out safely.  Unfortunately for all concerned the darkness feels what he has been seeking during this time and starts to plan to gain her  - Electra Spellfire.

Grolim, Nymph Gardens and Elfen Moons and Shadows & Darkness are all new partial stories which interact with each other relating to some type of battle that the residents of Spellfire will have to do with an ancient evil.   I was drawn in to each of the stories quickly and right now all I can say is I can’t wait for the entire book (A Spellfire Evening) that they are leading to.  I will be keeping a watch on this publisher and these authors. 


Moonshyne’s Treasure Hunt by Jewel Adams (from the Summer 2006 Midnight Showcase’s Beach Party)

Shyne Spellfire is very pregnant with her son, but she is so hot and craving starfish so she decided to go to the beach during a day her husband is gone.  For a Moon Fairy she has become very confused and clumsy during her pregnancy, a thing she hopes goes away after she has her son.  Shyne has a magic beach bag that carries many items that are special to her.  A strong whirlwind has picked up her open beach bag and all her things are disappearing.  Shyne herself is shaken up but she is determined to get all her things back.  She begins to talk to her unborn son to gain confidence and she begins her own special treasure hunt for the items given and received from love.  At the end of her search is her greatest love, her husband Malaci.

I missed the beach party and this story last summer, but I have loved Shyne and Malaci since I read their story in Spellfire Moons.  I loved this brief glimpse into their lives while they were expecting their son.  The love of each other and those around them was evident by her musing about each item as she finds it.  All I can say is Thank You to Ms. Adams for allowing this to be published for those of us who missed it the first time.  Not to be missed if you could not attend the cyber beach party.


List of Spellfire Stories

This is a listing of all the stories in the first four digests of Spellfire, Texas.  They each have a small blurb about the story under the title.


List of Spellfire Residents

This is an alphabetical list of all the town’s residents.  The best thing about it is that it’s cross-referenced so that you can pinpoint the person, story and book they are in.


Buildings and Locations in Spellfire

This is a comprehensive listing of all the buildings and locations that are used through out all the Spellfire digests. 


Spellfire Commemorative Digest Reader’s Choice is simply a WOW.  After reading not only the stories that were picks from the previous digest, but the new stories leading us not so gently to a new Spellfire digest.   I could tell that this digest was put together with love by the authors that have developed the town of Spellfire, Texas.  There is nothing about this digest that I found unlikable.  If you have read any of the previous Spellfire digest or if you are only getting to know the town, this is a must have book.  From the opening dialogs to the comprehensive listings of the residents, buildings and locations, the whimsy that runs through all the digests is present and you will not be disappointed.


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