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Souls Deep - Click for large version

Souls Deep by M. L. Rhodes
Amber Quill Press
Erotic / Gay / Vampire / Futuristic
ISBN: 1-59279-620-6; 978-1-59279-620-5
Reviewed by Georgia

On the run from the killers sent by his powerful family, young psychic Griffin Hilliard is shot and near death when a stranger rescues him.  While the mysterious Jarrah nurses him, Griffin discovers he is strangely closed off from his empathic abilities.  He is also attracted to the sexy man, something he has never felt for a man before. Even when he realizes Jarrah is a vampire, he cannot deny the pull.  Is it a vampiric compulsion or something more?

Jarrah has practiced closing himself off from others to avoid pain and betrayal but he cannot deny the desirability of the innocently sexual Griffin.  When he finally allows himself to explore his feelings for Griffin, Jarrah opens a door that could lead to more pain or a love that is souls deep.

This highly sensual tale of two men and the exploration of their feelings and desires is one that should not be missed.  Ms. Rhodes manages to create two characters in Souls Deep who are very similar in their need to find someone who will love and care for them despite their differences.  Each has their own peculiarities, which makes their journey and the discoveries they make all the more poignant.


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