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Slow Heat by Celeste Anwar, Alicia Sparks, and Kimberly Zant
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-859-9
Reviewed by Jo

Cajun Heat by Celeste Anwar

Yveline Tebeau is trying to start her career in journalism but is finding a major roadblock - her looks.  So she has decided to approach with a new angle, she is going to have the story in hand and the report written before she goes to the newspaper.  Yveline has found the perfect subject - a sex slave circle.  She has found a cabin that is a rendezvous spot for the circle and after days of watching the only thing she has seen is a man who looks like a sex god.  This waiting and watching is awful so she decides to snoop in the cabin.  Jake Duvall is a Cajun from his toes to the top of his head and he is also unsure why this woman has been watching him for the last few days.  When Yveline breaks in to the cabin, Jake is waiting for her.  What happens next can make or break what they are both working on.  Yveline is determine to get her story any way she has to but will the true story be the sex slave ring or something neither Jake or Yveline expected.

Cajun Heat is wrapped around a serious crime of kidnapping girls to buy and sell as sex slaves.  Yveline and Jake are both fiercely determined to complete their respective jobs and not be tripped up by someone they think has been sent to test them.  I loved that both Yveline and Jakeís characters worked together with little to no knowledge of the other.  The heat that naturally existed between them was quick and hot and very believable.  The ending of their story was just what I would have expected.  Ms. Anwar has started out this book with a story that will get your blood flowing.


Underneath It All by Alicia Sparks

Emma Hutchins left behind her family, friends and the hometown that she loved after an incident caused by her ex-husband.  She has a new life now and is positive that she can never go back to anything she once knew.  Shane Richards agreed to find one of his best friends sister in time for his marriage.  Shane has wanted Emma for so many years and now that he has found her he is determine to get her back where she belongs - back home with him.  Shane has made it so Emma must face all that she left behind.  Emma wonders if she can handle it, and if so will she also get to have Shane?

Underneath It All is an emotional story where Emma is forced to finally face things that she has always blamed herself for.  Shane knows that if he is ever going to get Emma in his life for good, itís now or never.  I found Ms. Sparks has written a loving story of acceptance and friendship turned into lasting love.  This is a story that I know I will read several times.


Blood Feud by Kimberly Zant

Jillian Cook has moved to a new town after being transferred by her job.  She is hardly in her apartment when she meets two spectacular Cajun men.  They both give her the best type of shivers and the most interesting thing is that they have the same first name, Beau, and own the same type of construction companies.  Jillian quickly discovers that while they resemble each other in certain ways, she has stumbled into a blood feud and neither is willing to lose Jillian.  Jillian refuses to take a side and enjoys both of them in what turns into a championship sexcapade - after all a girl has to do what she has to do

Blood Feud is a fast paced story that embroils Jillian with two men that have more in common then either would want.  Both Beaus had me from the first and I found myself agreeing with Jillianís decision not to be forced to pick a side in a battle she stumbled into.  The ending is not what I expected at all but I could see how it worked for Jillian and both Beaus.  Blood Feud will not only get your heart pumping but just might cause heart palpitations.


Slow Heat reminded me of great Cajun cooking, you start out easy with the heat and spices and then slowly ramp them up to hot and spicy.  All three of these stories about Southern boys definitely qualify as hot and spicy yet they are different in how that spice is delivered.  I loved that none of the stories were heavy-handed or too intense while being gripping.  By the end of this book I decided it should have a warning label - Read only with lots of ICE COLD water.  This is a book you will want to have on your shelf.


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