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Shocking Summer by Blaise Kilgallen
Hot Studs in Construction Series, Book 2
Liquid Silver
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59578-302-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

J.C. Winters is finally being given a chance to show her true potential as an undercover cop.  Strippers are being attacked and murdered in her town and she wants to do anything she can to stop the fiend guilty of the crimes.  She is even willing to go so far as to pose as a stripper and dance for a strip club.  Meeting a boarder at the same lodge she is staying in throws her off course, especially when she gives in to her inner desires.  Trying her best to stay in character, J.C. is upset when Pete leaves her in a fit of anger when he finds out she’s a stripper. 

Pete Plummer is just in town for the week to have some fun in the sun and possibly get laid.   When he spies an extremely attractive blonde, he goes all out with the charm but her prickly demeanor has him stumped but knowing that her attitude is just skin deep, Pete figures it is only a matter of time before she is his.  When he finds out she is a stripper, he is both angry and dismayed and doesn’t know what to do because there is no way he can bring a stripper home to his family.

Shocking Summer caught my eye with the blurb, “Hot Studs in Construction series.”  However, that is as far as I saw of anything resembling construction.  I was not convinced that a female police officer would find Pete sexually appealing because I didn’t.  However, what I did find appealing about Pete was his ability to care for another person and his heart and soul went into loving and caring about J.C., even when she didn’t want him to.  His loyalty to the woman he loved got me through this book.  J. C. often times made me roll my eyes in fury because of her stubbornness, in fact, if I could have yelled at her, I would have.  Personally, I would have not continued to want to have anything to do with her but, alas, Pete was more resilient and so it all worked out in the end. 

I have read Blaise Kilgallen books before and have enjoyed every one.  I think that Shocking Summer is the exception to this.  I plan to read more from this author because I know that she is a talented writer.  Shocking Summer just wasn’t the book for me.


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