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Sheriff In Her Stocking by Cher Gorman
Loose Id
Erotic contemporary romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-365-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Delaney Moore's car skids off the road as she is passing through a small town on her way to New York.  Rick Cruz is the town’s sheriff and he stops to help Delaney after her accident.   Because of the approaching snowstorm, Delaney ends up spending the night in the only available room in town, a jail cell.

Delaney ends up spending more time with Rick than she planned.   Her attraction to him and wanting to help the town are her top reasons.  Rick is thrilled that Delaney will be staying, but his deep desire for her is getting in the way of his determination to keep their relationship platonic.

Rick doesn't trust easily, so when he thinks Delaney has tricked him, he acts first and thinks later.  Unfortunately his actions may cost him the woman he loves.

Sheriff In Her Stocking is a sweet and sultry story.  It's got a charming small town feel and a sexy sheriff too.  Rick is a good man with seductive appeal and Delaney is sweet and full of passion.  Sheriff In Her Stocking is a nice romance with two appealing characters.


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