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Secrets, Skin and Leather by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Contemporary
ISBN 1-934166-54-5
Reviewed by Nannette

Dillon Walsh‘s first impression of Scott Daly is that he’s uptight and overworked.  His opinion of Scott is drastically changed when he sees him at a club one night looking unbearably sexy, so on a business trip the men are attending, Dillon makes a move. 

Underneath their business suits lie the heart of who Dillon and Scott really are and after a little coaxing on Dillon’s part, he finds more than just a sexy partner in Scott. 

I got some knowledge, some romance and really turned on from reading Sean Michael’s latest.  Secrets, Skin and Leather introduced me to several new sex toys and to two very sexy men.  What makes Dal and Dillon so hot is their lack of inhibition and their love for each other.  The kink factor is high and playful in Secrets, Skin and Leather.  My particular favorite moment is at the very end, when piercings lead to a very hot moment afterwards.  Secrets, Skin and Leather is a delectably naughty story that is fun and tender too.


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