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Secret Surrender


Secret Surrender by Lisa Dawn MacDonald
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-006-X
Reviewed by Katherine

Since her husband’s death, Vivian Ashton has turned to her brother-in-law Trevor.  He has become her best friend.  She knew that she could count on him not only to help fix things around the house, but also in sharing their grief.  They never had a relationship more than friendship, but lately Vivian has found herself more aware of Trevor as a man and looking anxiously forward to their times together.  Vivian also found herself jealous knowing that he was seeing other women, whereas before she had needled him intensely about his carefree dating.

Trevor has never seen Vivian as more than his sister-in-law and a very good friend.  They have both grieved over the loss of his brother and he has helped as much as possible with Vivian and his niece and two nephews.  But, time has passed, and their wounds are mending and Trevor realizes that they are being drawn to each other for more than just their grief.  They are being drawn together as man and woman.  He knows there are obstacles to overcome and the children must be considered.  He just hopes that Vivian will agree to fight for their relationship.

Secret Surrender is not your typical “man pining for the sister-in-law he loves” romance, which was very refreshing.  Instead, Secret Surrender shows the gradual transition that can happen between two friends who care very much for each other, to two people who are in love with each other.  Lisa Dawn MacDonald has introduced this couple later in their lives and the children are not youngsters who will automatically rebound from calling Trevor “uncle” to “dad”.  Ms. MacDonald has created a complex family situation involving teen-age angst, the possible bitter betrayal the children might feel and much more.  I found Secret Surrender to be a pleasant surprise and will look for additional stories by Ms MacDonald.


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