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Scandal of the Black Rose by Debra Mullins
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-06-079923-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Anna Rosewood is lost without her beloved twin brother.  Knowing that it is up to her to make an advantageous marriage, Anna canít help but try and find out the real reason her twin died.  It is in doing that very thing that Anna runs into Roman Deveraux in Vauxhall Gardens disguised as a loose woman.

Roman Deveraux is in Vauxhall Gardens watching out for the younger brother of a friend.  He is also investigating a secret society in which death seems to follow.  Attending the party, he spies a beautiful and somewhat allusive woman he immediately wants to know better.  Cornering her, the two share passionate kisses until she alludes him and scatters off into the night.

It is not until the next day at his cousinís home that Roman realizes the woman he had been with was in actuality his cousinís newly betrothed fiancť.  Then and there, the two realize who the other is and both are taken aback by the emotion that this knowing commands.  Anna knows she needs to marry, Roman knows she needs to marry, but neither want her to marry Romanís cousin.  Plus, they now have to get to the bottom of the Black Rose societyís tendency to lose members to death.

Scandal of the Black Rose took my breath away and I almost didnít find it.  From the very start of this book I was taken aback by the imagery and emotions of both characters as well as their feelings for loved ones lost.  Anna broke my heart yearning to find out the truth about her beloved brother and I wanted to hold her closely and assure her things would be okay.  However, Roman beat me to it and his honor and loyalty to family almost completely did me in.  I wanted him to stop being so honorable and grab what he wanted. 

Scandal of the Black Rose is tied to Two Weeks with a Stranger, also by Debra Mullins.  I could not put this book down and canít wait to see what Ms. Mullins writes next.


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