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Roughhousing by Laura Baumbach
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Contemporary
ISBN 1-934166-51-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Abraham Lord and James Justin are lovers.  After only a few weeks, Bram knows that Jamie is the one for him.  Jamie wants Bram just as much, but he's so insecure he can't help but think Bram will eventually lose interest in him.  Bram is a dominant lover and protective by nature, especially towards Jaime.  When his protectiveness leads Jaime to believe he's controlling him, Jamie does what he always does, he runs.

Taking place after A Bit of Rough, the story of how Bram and Jamie meet, Roughhousing is about Bram and Jaime building their lives together.  Jamie is shy, sweet and insecure.  Bram is all Alpha male; he's big and tough and perfect for Jamie.  Jamie and Bram go through good times and bad and there is hot sex and even tears.  Roughhousing is a moving story with two wonderful men.


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