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Cimmerean League: Revelations - Click for large version

Revelations by Kelly Maher
Cimmerean League, Book 1
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-624-9
ISBN: 978-1-59279-624-3
Reviewed by Klarissa

On the trail of a kidnapped social worker, Vie of the Cimmerean League has to use her mental powers to locate the woman.  It doesn’t work out quite like she hoped and now she’s under Bolt’s protection.  The man drives her nuts, yet he drives her body to passion.

Bolt has wanted Vie for a long time, but has held back from claiming her.  He’s now found himself protecting her from the one known as Chaos.  This man has haunted Vie and when they thought he was dead, Chaos came back to get Vie.  Can Bolt keep her safe and make Vie his?

Revelations is an incredibly short story that is packed full of information, with wonderful scenes that would have been better if expanded in detail some.  I felt that Revelations was rushed and not fully developed.  I liked the mysterious night and the end will have you aching for more.  Vie and Bolt are interesting characters with intriguing powers, but yet again I would love to see them developed more.  Ms. Maher shows great potential with this series and this reviewer will most likely look for the next installment in the Cimmerean League.


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