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Real Women Don't Wear Size 2 by Kelley St. John
Warner Forever
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 0-446-61721-0
Reviewed by Nannette

Clarise Robinson has the hots for her boss Ethan Eubanks.  Ethan is her best friend, but she wants him to see her as a woman.  Clarise is determined to get him to notice her. 

Ethan notices Clarise alright, but he worries about losing their great friendship if he takes things to the next level.  On the corporate bonding trip in Gasparilla, Clarise had plans to finally fulfill her fantasies with Ethan, but it turns out he's not going.  When Ethan's plans change, Clarise gets everything she wants and more, until she discovers the secret Ethan has been hiding and it nearly breaks her heart.

Real Women Donít Wear Size 2 is a fun, flirty and romantic story that had me bouncing with anticipation for Ethan and Clarise to get together.  Clarise is fun and adventurous.  Ethan is handsome, sexy, and an all around great guy.  I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow and change.  The ending threw me for a loop after all of the bliss that came before. it but everything works out as it should.  Real Women Donít Wear Size 2 is a delightful, funny, and sensual story. 


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