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Queen's Warriors by Mari Byrne
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal/Menage a trio or more
ISBN: 1-84360-856-1
Reviewed by Klarissa

Shari has been transported to another Realm where twins share one woman.  Coming from Earth, Shari can’t quite grasp how she suddenly became married to the two glorious hunks Shan Lin and Vincent, but she finds her attraction and her emotions running high.  On top of all that, Shari must meet with their aunt, the Queen of Anarake.  A queen that is not just, or nice and one that doesn’t want to give up her power easily.  She’ll do anything to keep it.  Even try and murder her own blood.   Shari has grown attached to Vincent and Shan Lin and Shari will even face the Queen’s anger to keep them safe. 

Even though their marriage started out as a farce to throw the Queen off, Shan Lin and Vincent soon find themselves feeling strong emotions towards Shari.  Have they inadvertently found their mate on Earth?

Queens’ Warriors is an interesting and intriguing story.  Mighty warriors who have strong ties to their realm, Shan Lin and Vincent must do everything in their power to see their Queen taken off the thrown.  I loved how Shan Lin and Vincent meet Shari and even though she’s skeptical, she slowly accepts that they are from another world.  I found all the characters held depth and interest.  The romance and passion are spicy and if you enjoy m/f/m scenes you will definitely enjoy Queens’ Warriors.


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