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Playtime - Click for large version

Playtime by Caitlyn Willows
Showtime series, Book 2
Amber Quill Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59279-615-X; 978-1-59289-615-1
Reviewed by Georgia

Four housewives get a little surprise when their husbands decide to indulge them and their fantasies…


Dinah and Rod

Dinah’s fantasies involve a little dominance and bondage and her husband Rod is more than up to the challenge.  Before the evening is over, Dinah realizes Rod knows her and her darkest secrets better than anyone in the world…


Jane and Mark

Mark’s punishment for Jane and her friends’ naked escapades in the hot tub is almost more than she can handle.  Yet when he brings out an unusual toy, one of Jane’s fantasies is fulfilled to both of their delight.


Mona and Clint

Clint surprises Mona with reservations to the swankiest restaurant in town along with a limo ride.  Yet Mona’s more surprised when Clint’s reservations make her wildest fantasy – a ménage – come true.


Sally and Jack

Sally’s fantasy revolves around tying Jack up and giving him the best sex of his life but when Jack is called away for a medical emergency, Sally has to improvise.  Her solution involves a little voyeurism and a whole lot of heat.


These tantalizingly hot tales are just long enough to whet your appetite.  Ms. Willows does little to introduce or develop the characters in Playtime, but as the stories are just a glimpse of the sexual fantasies between couples, she definitely delivers.  If you enjoy quick, sizzling sex and a little bit of exploration in the bedroom, Playtime is just the book to pick up. 


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