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Playing With Fire by Judith Rochelle
Romantic Suspense
Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-091-9
Reviewer: Melissa

Cassie Fitzgerald had always lived in the shadow of her sister, Diane, but when she and town bad boy, Cole Martin spent two days together, she is convinced that she’d found true love.  It came as quite a shock to return home a week later to find Cole married to Diane.  Cassie leaves home and returns to school as quickly as possible, only to be shocked again when she receives news three months later that Diane has been murdered and Cole is the chief suspect.  Still unable to deal with returning, she doesn’t go to the funeral, a decision, which puts her in conflict with her mother and keeps her from returning.  After six years, the death of her mother forces her to return to handle her mother’s estate.  For six years, Cole Martin has wanted to explain to Cassie why he married Diane but she’s managed to avoid him.  Now that she’s back in town he’s determined that not only is she going to listen to him, he’s going to make her understand and give him another chance.  When Cassie starts asking questions around town about Diane’s death, it stirs up someone who wants her to be quiet.  As she and Cole try to find their way together through the destruction Diane left behind, the real murder is determined that his secret will never be known, no matter the cost.

Playing With Fire is one of those books that are a guilty pleasure.  Cassie and Cole captured me immediately and wouldn’t let me go.  Even as I begged for Cassie to make Cole work more for her, and I couldn’t quite make myself okay with the whole sister thing, I secretly wanted them to find their way together.  The only thing that truly bothered me was the classic old-fashioned romance novel notion that the heroine hadn’t slept with anyone else in the six years she’s spent pining for a man who married her sister.  Judith Rochelle has written a book, which grabs you and makes you have to finish it.  I most definitely recommend this to lovers of romantic suspense and plan on watching for more of Judith Rochelle’s books in the future!


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