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Pike's Peak by Mandy M. Roth
League of the Unnatural Series, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Paranormal
Reviewed by Gracie

Adira has led a sheltered life living with her brother, Adam.  Adam is part of a special group of men and women who fight evil and try to keep things balanced.  Adira only has Adam since her parents were killed and she has spent her time with him and his two friends.  Adira has come to depend on Adam and his friends, but she really longs to be much more than just a friend or responsibility to Pike.  Adam eventually sends Adira away to a private boarding school to keep her safe from his enemies.

Pike Kinsley is a part of the group of men fighting evil along with several other men he considers close friends.  Pike is a shape shifter and he battles to keep himself balanced and in control.  Pike has noticed Adira for quite awhile, but he realizes that she is off limits due to his friendship with Adam.

Pike realized years ago on Adira’s eighteenth birthday that he had destroyed any chance of there ever being anything between them.  As Pike and his friends are sitting around headquarters, a beautiful woman walks in and every one of his senses goes on high alert.  Pike knows that he wants, needs, and will fight to the death for this woman even before he realizes that she is Adira.  Now, Adira and the Powers must convince everyone including Adira that she is ready to be a part of the team.  Will Adira and Pike be able to put past misunderstandings behind them to find their future happiness?

Pike’s Peak was a sexy read!  Mandy M. Roth knows how to write strong, appealing, and interesting characters.  Adira is a strong woman who has been sheltered for all her life and does not realize her own strength or abilities.  Pike is a gorgeous and super sexy alpha male who knows what he wants even though he has spent years denying it.  I loved the chemistry and sexual tension between Adira and Pike.  I absolutely cannot wait to read the stories in this exciting series!  Pike’s Peak is a definite keeper!


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