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Phoenix Rising II by Angelique Anjou, Elizabeth Batten-Carew, Jaycee Clark, Donna Grant, and Mandy M. Roth
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal/Fantasy/Suspense/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-882-3
Reviewed by Jo

Pleasure Master by Angelique Anjou

Anya Rambo is the Medical/Science Officer on Space Station 13.  Because she wonít become part of the sexual merry go round, she has gained a reputation as an ice queen.  The station is just about done and the crew will be leaving it, but before that the entire crew is faced with an emergency.  There is something headed toward the station and no one can identify it, evacuation is called for.  The object turns out to be an alien artifact that appears to resemble a coffin but there is no obvious way open it and no life signs.  Anya fights for the right to examine the object and is finally given the approval.  She is stumped by the data she receives, but Anya is even more stumped by the erotic dreams that have begun to happen.  In them she meets Legion, an alien god, and she canít shake the feeling that he is closer than her dreams.  Can Anya figure out the mystery of the artifact and her feelings for Legion in time to save everyone?

Pleasure Master is a futuristic that pulls you along with the suspense.  Anya, as the only medical/science person on the station, knows that the alien object has affected the emotions of the entire crew but she is having trouble with her diagnosis.  At the same time, she is being visited by Legion in her dreams who makes her melt.  The entire time I was reading Pleasure Master I was unsure how it would turn out and exactly who the lead male character was.  At the last minute I was turned around again.  Ms. Anjou has taken suspense and added it to a mysterious futuristic plot.  I was lost a bit with how the ending came to be and even now Iím unsure if Anya got her happy ever after with Legion.


Debt of Honor by Elizabeth Batten-Carew

Angelica only wanted to get off her plane and grab a few special souvenirs; instead she is accused of being in either a kidnapping plot or at least helping to smuggling someone out of the country.  Her clothes, passport and money are taken from her, she is not being given access to her embassy and she is taken to a strange place.  Kadin is furious that Angelica wonít tell him what happened.  He blames Angelica for the insult and disgrace that has been received by his family.  Kadin tells Angelica that she will be paying the implied debt of justice by serving him.  Angelica and Kadin have a night which results in experiences and feelings neither expected nor know quite what to do about.  Kadin wonders if he might be wrong about what he thought he knew.  Meanwhile Angelica discovers that sometimes being in a harem and/or having access to it isnít so bad after all.

Debt of Honor is a very sexy and steamy look at life in one of the gated estates in a foreign Arabian country.  Kadin believes that Angelica is nowhere near as innocent as she appears and decides that she will serve him however he wants to pay what he sees as a debt of honor.  Angelica is being held in a strange land by a sexy, handsome stranger that believes the worst of her and is faced with strange new sexual passions.  Kadin and Angelica meet under stressful circumstances and discover that where sparks fly, flames will soon burst.  Ms. Batten-Carew wrote a story that steams off the pages and when you add minor touches of BDSM it smokes. 

I will give a minor warning that any readers who have a problem with same sex scenes, female in this case, might not enjoy this story. 


Contact by Jaycee Clark

Daxton Adams has quit the police force and become a P.I., but he is still looking for the solution of several murders he and his partner were trying to solve.  While coming across his ex-partner at a crime scene, Daxton realizes that the same person has committed it as the others.  Meredith Fox has moved to live with her Mom and Sister at the family home after breaking things off with Daxton.  She has not heard from him since the break up, but still misses him daily.   Meredith and Daxton come back together after he discovers that she is on the killers contact list.  Will Daxton be able to solve the crimes and convince Meredith that they still belong together before itís too late?

Contact shows how sometimes love isnít enough to keep a couple together at one time but how that same love can conquer everything another time.  Daxton has loved Meredith for years and was not completely sure why she broke up and walked away from him.  Meredith loved Daxton but knew that her obligations made it so she had to leave him.  When they come together during a time of danger for Meredith the suppressed love surges forward and wonít be denied a second time.  I fell for Meredith and Daxton right from the beginning.  They both had personal reasons for their actions in the past, but real life has changed their priorities.   I have happily followed other stories by Ms. Clark and Contact is a story that wonít disappoint.


Prince of Desire by Donna Grant

Lucian Sinclair has left his family and home in the Highlands to search for his mate.  He only as a short amount of time in which to locate her, forestall a curse and Lucian has no idea where to start.  He decides to stop at a tavern as he passes through a small village.  He is quite happy to discover his mate at the tavern, now he just has to figure out how to explain everything to her.  Isabelle has lived in her village her entire life and has never felt danger until a handsome stranger saves her one night.  She feels strangely attracted to Lucian but has trained herself to be wary of strangers.  Lucian and Isabelle quickly submit to the passion that bursts between them.  For Isabelle it will be the beginning of a strange tale and future if she can believe all of what Lucian tells her.

Prince of Desire is an historic tale based in the Highlands but has a magical twist to it.  Lucian has to find his mate and bring her to his home willingly to save his city.  Isabelle does not believe in magic so taking everything that Lucian says at face value is a struggle for her.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading how Lucian and Isabelle come to terms with their fate and forge ahead toward an unknown future.  Prince of Desire is a well written historical that touches into the fantasy of the Fae.  I found it to be wonderful lighthearted story that anyone would love to read.


Mating Behavior by Mandy M. Roth

Alan Becker is a werewolf with a major problem.  He has a passion for someone that could bring death to one or both of them as it breaks a major pack law.  Alan wants to claim Katie with everything in him but he fights his desire to keep her from danger.  Katie has decided that Alan will never be anything other than one of her best friends.  Every time it almost looks like he will answer her passion, he backs away.  If they ever do come together, Katie knows she will have to tell him her family secret and Katie is unsure how he will react to it.  Alan agrees to take Katie away to a cabin in the mountains to help her research in wolfs.  However all his work is destroyed when they stumble upon a pack of weres and Alan struggles to save Katie.  Katie and Alan will need to trust each other and work together to make it safely out of the mountains.

Mating Behavior snagged me immediately upon starting the story.  Alan is a member of a large important pack, but he left it many years ago and has lived in the human city since.  Katie is from a magical family that has a darker side it.   The sensual feelings between Alan and Katie were evident from the beginning even as they fought it at first.  I could feel their relief when they finally gave in to their feelings.  I have loved just about everything Ms. Roth has published and I was not disappointed in Mating Behavior.  I was grabbed and could not let go until the last page was flipped.  A must read for any of her fans.


Phoenix Rising II is a combination of several genres by great authors.  I found that the stories in this book just built upon the next until suddenly you were at the end of the book.  I have read several of the authors prior to reading Phoenix Rising II and feel that anyone who enjoys these authors will want to have this book on their shelves.  Alternatively if you have not read any of these authors, I think this would be a great way for you to discover them.


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