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Personal Leave by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Erotic Contemporary/Gay/M/M
ISBN: 1-934166-47-2
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Alex “Rig” Roberts and Jim “Rock” South are solidifying their lives together as partners.  Easier said than done, given their careers.  Rock is a Marine and Rig is a nurse.  However, they always find time to show each other how much they need each other.  Rock still gets irritated when Rig’s momma calls and they talk for hours.  Rig doesn’t understand why Rock won’t talk about his family.  What they do understand is each other and life is good. 

Tragedy strikes both men where it hurts in the form of death.  While Rig has a stable family environment to be whom and what he is, a gay man with a life partner, Rock does not have that stability and Rig is shown firsthand just how unbending Rock’s family is about his sexual orientation.  No matter however, because Rig plans to show his Rocketman just how much he is needed and wanted right at home.

Personal Leave takes us inside Rig and Rock’s relationship prior to Dick joining the couple.  I found it extremely poignant at times as well as very realistic as to Rock’s family’s inability to accept Rig as his partner as well as their refusal to accept Rock’s life choices.  Personal Leave gave me cause to think of how realistic this novel actually is.  Sean Michael continues to amaze me with stories of love and life and I find myself an extremely big fan of this prolific writer.  Keep those novels coming!


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