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Paradise by Judith McNaught
Contemporary Romance
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 0-671-77680-0 reprint
Reviewer: Melissa

It’s been years, but Meredith Bancroft has never truly recovered from the betrayal of her ex-husband, Matthew Farrell.  When it seems as though she finally has a chance at happiness with a new fiancée, Meredith is stunned to discover that due to a technical glitch, she and Matt are still married.  This puts Meredith and Matt in close contact after years of avoiding each other and leads to the discovery of a web of lies that were used to tear them apart.  Now that the truth is finally out, can they find a way to recapture the special love that they had for each other?

Paradise is one of those books that I find myself continually going back to for another read.  Filled with emotion, no matter how many times I read it I still find myself smiling or crying right along with Meredith and Matt.  Readers who haven’t had a chance to pick up this classic of Judith McNaught’s have missed an awesome story and those that have read Paradise, will find themselves wanting to read it again and again and again!


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