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Open Invitation by Jasmine Haynes
Berkley Heat
Erotic Contemporary Single Author Anthology
Reviewed by Georgia

A bachelorette party at a place called The Sex Club yields different fantasies for three very different women…

Invitation to Seduction

As the shyest of the three friends, Debbie Carter must be talked into really participating in all of the events available at The Sex Club.  Yet once she does, it only makes her realize all that she’s missing in her marriage.  When she is issued a mysterious Invitation to The Sex Club she accepts, but will she discover the man of her fantasies or a broken heart?

Invitation to Pleasure

Virginia Hansen plans to get all of her wild fantasies out of her system before marrying handsome, easy-going Brett Branoff.  Until Brett’s curiosity makes him realize there is much more to his new wife than she shows him. Brett wants the uncontrolled, powerful sexual creature who wasn’t afraid to she all the men at The Sex Club how to pleasure herself…and he’ll do anything he has to to get her.

Invitation to Passion

Manicurist Stacy Parrish indulges her fantasies with her open invitation to The Sex Club but when owner Jud McCord issues another invitation, will Stacy accept it?  Stacy prides herself on choosing young lovers to tutor, as well as satisfy.  Can one older, experience man tempt her to give up all the others?

Whew!  Watch out because Jasmine Haynes’s Open Invitation is scorching hot.  These three women all visit The Sex Club for different reasons yet each finds exactly what they need to satisfy all of their passions.  The various couples indulge all of their fantasies and along the way discover the perfect partners.  If you’re looking for stories with realist emotion, as well as sexual encounters to stimulate your own fantasies, then Open Invitation is the book for you.  Enjoy!


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