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One Italian Summer by Janet Mills
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59374-433-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Natalie Compton travels to Italy with a college tour group.  Trying to come to grips and get over her recent and traumatic divorce, she enjoys herself and the history Italy represents.  It is while touring an ancient monastery that Natalie first spies a gorgeous, if somewhat younger man.  Intrigued by him, she knows that there is no way a man like him would ever consider being with a frump like her.  She could not be any more wrong.

In Italy trying to get over his wife’s death, Giovanni Ragazzo spies an elusive but extremely fiery woman in a monastery.  While Gio is still upset from his wife’s demise and the woman is still smarting from her own recent loss, fate decides that they need each other.  If only for a few days. 

One Italian Summer was poignant and swept me away with its depiction of the Italian countryside and tourist attractions.  Full of high emotions and often times sad recollections, the story moved somewhat slower than what I expected but still gave me a good read.  I found myself at times wanting to shake Natalie because of her insecurities, but when I stopped to think that her emotions and misgivings were realistic, I agreed with Janet Mills portrayal of Natalie’s character.  Gio, ah what a lovely man he is.  I love the heroes who feel the loss of a loved one but find new love when they least expect it.  Gio, while being American, had the heart and charisma of an Italian and I thought him most dream worthy.

For a truly poignant and romantic read, readers won’t go wrong selecting One Italian Summer.  I know I am glad I took the time to read it. 


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