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Obsidian's Flame - Click for large version

Obsidian's Flame by Sherrill Quinn
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-625-7
ISBN: 978-1-59279-625-0
Reviewed by Klarissa

Living on the planet New Chance, Samantha is making her way the best she knows how as an Enhanced.  As a street rat with a gene enhancement, she is one of many that have been transferred from Earth because of their abilities.  Her ability is to call forth flames from her hands.  After her friend Frank died, Sam now has to find the information he left back at the mining company that will show how dangerous mining for terbinium is to the population.  It is making them sterile.  So Sam must get the information to the right people in order to stop the progression.  Unfortunately, Sam runs into a little road block.  Actually a large road block named Marcus Treyva, also known as Obsidian.

Marcus, or rather Trey as he is known to all his friends, can turn his body into the darkest rock.  Thatís how he got the code name Obsidian.  As the head of Security Elite Team at the mining company he must make sure all is going well.  He knows that others are on the take, but as long as he stays straight he doesnít worry about the others.  But now a fiery woman has tried to break into the company and he must figure out what she wants before she screws up anything.  Sam is sharp and hot, in more ways than one, and she opens his eyes to more that is going on around him.  But will he be able to get her to trust him with her secrets so he can help her?

Obsidianís Flame is out of this world!  Ms. Quinn has built a complex world that comes alive with descriptive and action packed words.  Non-stop thrill and hot sex scenes will keep your pulse racing until the very end.  Sam and Trey fight their attraction, but love is a lot stronger.  You have to watch these characters because they will pull you in deep into their world!


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