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Night Rhythm by Charlene Teglia
A Free Companion to Night Music
A Charlene Teglia Publication
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Valentine has been searching and waiting for centuries for the reincarnation of his beloved wife.  When his friend and fellow vampire, Romney, finds his soul mate in Meghan, Valentine, while happy for him, is sad nonetheless because he still hasnít found his beautiful Lisette.  That is, until he comes face to face with Lisa, a band mate and friend of Meghanís.  Resisting the urge to touch her and failing, Valentine brushes wisps of hair behind Lisaís ear and knows without a doubt that Lisa is his Lisette returned.

Lisa isnít quite sure why the Goth looking man intrigues her so much but she finds herself brushing her short hair and contemplating growing it long so that Valentine can brush it for her.  Coming out of her reverie, Lisa answers the door and finds Valentine standing in front of her with a box.  Asking to be invited in, Lisa does not give in to her baser needs, she allows him to wrap his present around her neck, and then closes the door.  Suddenly finding herself sleepy, she lays down for a nap.  And then she begins to dream.

Night Rhythm is the story of Valentine, Romneyís friend, partner and fellow vampire.  I found him intriguing, sexy, and just downright luscious.  For heavenís sake, he waited centuries to make love to the one woman who he loved and for that reason alone, my heart was his.  No matter that he didnít notice me because he only had eyes for Lisa.  He was justifiably delicious. 

I adore vampires in love and Night Rhythm was that as well as a wonderful story.  Charlene Teglia is quickly becoming an automatic read for me!


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