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New Year's Kiss by Tielle St. Clare
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Werewolf/Ménage/Holiday
ISBN: 1-4199-0871-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Taylor doesn’t expect much out of holidays.  She likes a turkey at Thanksgiving, a tree at Christmas, and a kiss to ring in the New Year.  The latter will probably not happen now since her sleazy excuse for a boyfriend broke up with her on Christmas Eve.  Telling her woes to her two good friends, Mikhal and Zach, Taylor doesn’t pay attention to the looks both men are giving her.  When she mentions the New Year’s Eve party she has already gotten tickets for, both men offer to take her.  Taylor accepts but finds herself torn between which of the men she wants to show up and lead her into the party.  Days later, the decision is taken out of her hands when both escort her inside to the party and proceed to show her just how attracted they both are to her.

Werewolves Mikhel and Zach both desire Taylor.  Deciding to allow her to choose which man she wants, they individually set out on a no holds barred seduction of their favorite girl.  They don’t realize that their friendship will be tested in ways that they never even thought of much less be able to decide who will actually become the mate of the gorgeous Taylor. 

Things come to a head when Mikhel’s inner wolf demands he claim his mate and as Mikhel’s beta, will Zach be able to give her up? Will he be able to give up Mikhel because unbeknownst to him, Zach feels way for Mikhel than a normal beta wolf should. 

New Year’s Kiss by Tielle St. Clare was fabulous.  I enjoyed every aspect of the story; from Mikhel’s rough and tumble seduction, to Taylor’s inability to choose, to Zach’s readiness to make peace.  Each character found their way inside my heart and I found the novel to be genuinely poignant and well written, not to mention extremely seductive and sensual.  I first noticed Tielle St. Clare as a writer by reading her Shadow of the Dragon series, and I am excited to find that her versatility as a writer includes writing wolf stories!  Thumbs up for New Year’s Kiss!


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