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Myth of Moonlight by Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Werewolf Romance
ISBN 9781419907029
Reviewed by Nannette

Kimberly is a werewolf; she was raised by her parents away from the pack so she knows almost nothing about being a werewolf.  Nico Cassamonti is the leader of his were clan.  He sensed Kimberly as soon as she came into his territory and waited for her to come to him as she is supposed to do according to Lycan Law.  Because she didnít, Nico went to her.  Nico discovers that Kimberly knows nothing about Lycan Laws and that she is coming into heat.  Kimberly's resistance to mating is not Nico's only concern though, his pack is slowly becoming extinct and his plan to change pack laws is being protested by some.  Soon, Nico's life and the life of his future mate are threatened in the fight for leadership in the clan.

Myth Of Moonlight is a sexy and exciting story.  Kimberly is full of sass and fire.  At first she's just really stubborn until she reveals her fears and feelings to Nico, then her attitude is understandable.  Nico is sexy and charming.  The passion between them is tangible.  The bombshell at the end of Myth Of Moonlight blew me away and left me eager for more. 


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