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Moment of Chance by Aurelia Abbott
Forbidden Publications
Sci Fi/Futuristic
Reviewed by Amelia

Simeon Fane is a scout for the king, charged with bringing the king’s new bride, Raina, to the capital city.  On the way there their party is attacked and Simeon saves a woman named Mayda, that he believes to be the queen’s handmaiden.

In truth, Mayda is the queen.  Simeon and the queen share a night of passion.  When their secret is discovered, it means death for Simeon.  Until the queen intervenes.

Moment of Chance is a timeless story of mistaken identity and love.  For me, though, the story was a too-short retelling that left many years unaccounted for.  I enjoyed the writing, and the characters, but the story needed to be more developed for me to really enjoy the reading.


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