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Mistress of the Night by Charlotte Featherstone
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-754-1
Reviewed by Klarissa

Lady Madeline has her sights set on the mysterious and sexy Earl of Hardcastle.  Her father has given her the ultimatum to marry before the end of the summer or he’ll cut off all funding to her Montgomery House, a home for unfortunates.

But Madeline doesn’t want to marry who her father has chosen, instead she wants to marry for love and she believes Blaine, Lord Hardcastle, is the man for her.  She just must convince him of the same thing.

Not wanting anyone to get close to him, Blaine fears his devastating secret will get out among the ton.    He’s always pushed people out of his life to live in solitude and to keep his ailments from becoming public knowledge.  But after meeting Madeline Brydges, he feels consumed and possessed in his need for her.  Can Blaine allow a few assignations then leave her behind as well?

Oh my god!  Mistress of the Night is completely seductive!  As I read through these pages I found myself consumed by the next words and seduced by Blaine and Madeline.  These characters are wonderfully developed and come alive upon the pages.  Madeline is tough, smart and knows what she wants, while Blaine continuously pushes her away.  Her understanding for his problems is astounding.  I got caught up in emotions, scenes, and dialogue; everything about Mistress of the Night is great!  Ms. Featherstone will sweep you away in this fantastic and erotic historical romance.


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