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Misconceptions (Love Spectrum Romance)

Misconceptions by Pamela Leigh Starr
Love Found Series, Book 3
Genesis Press
Interracial Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 158571117-9
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Cassie Villiere has been keeping a huge secret from her ex-lover, Daniel Adams.  For the past five months, Cassie has taken extreme measures to make sure that she is not working in the airport when Daniel is scheduled to pilot a flight for fear that he will discover her pregnancy.  But, it seems that fate has other ideas.  Not only does Daniel learn of Cassie’s condition, he also demands that they get married right away.  Can Cassie accept a marriage proposal from the man she is deeply in love with – knowing that he does not love her in return?

Daniel Adams has major insecurity issues with women because he was abandoned by his mother at the age of ten.  Although he grew up surrounded by his loving aunt and her family, Daniel has always believed that because his mother didn’t love him enough to keep him then he doesn’t deserve love from anyone.  So, it came as no surprise to Daniel that Cassie was no different.  Although he ended their relationship after over hearing a remark that Cassie made at a party, Daniel is unable to forget the feelings he has for her.  While returning home from celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with his aunt and her family, Daniel is unbelievably shocked to discover that Cassie is carrying his child.  And to make matters worse, Daniel learns the truth behind Cassie’s remark and he comes to realized that he has made a grave mistake.  Will Daniel be able to make it up to Cassie before it is too late or is all hope lost?

Misconceptions is a significant tale that is based on miscommunication and misunderstanding.  I found the plot in Misconceptions to be very moving. There were times when I was laughing my head off, moments where I was teary-eyed, periods where I was caught up in the compelling sensitive issues and instances where my mind was clouded with passion.  Because of the neglectful, hurtful experience that Daniel received from his mother while growing up, he could not fathom that a woman could love him unconditionally.  Since Daniel was always looking for the negative to overcome the positive within any relationship, he never allowed anyone too close to his heart…until he met and fell in love with Cassie.  Somehow, Cassie had managed to worm her way into Daniel’s heart and before she could cause major damage, Daniel decided to allow a misconstrued statement rip them apart.  There were many hurtful and very dangerous obstacles thrown in Daniel and Cassie’s path throughout this storyline which made Misconceptions such an intriguing read. 

Misconceptions is a must read and while it is a stand alone novel, I would suggest reading the other novels (preferably in order), so you will be more in tune with all of the mentioned characters within this book.


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